At The New Protocol Inc. ensuring data security and protecting information of all the patients is one of our highest priority. In order to ensure the same we have taken following measures:-

  1. All medical data (dictation, transcription, search facility and EMR) is managed through our secure server. Our server encrypts (128 bit encryption) all data communication between your computer and our server. This means, that anyone intercepting any data while it is being transferred from our server to your computer will not be able to interpret or decode this data.
  2. Secondly, access to all the data on our server is password protected. That means to access any information on our server a valid combination of user name and password is necessary. Our system allows our users to change their passwords as many times as they want. We suggest our users to change their passwords atleast once in every three months.
  3. Thirdly, all our employees our bound by contract to maintain the confidentiality of the patient information. Further, our custom-built transcription application ensures that all our transcriptionists have access to records only for which they are doing transcription. Moreover, all the access is removed once their job is done.
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