What is HIPAA?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was a result of congressional healthcare reform proponents to reform healthcare. The HIPAA legislation has four primary objectives.

Assure health insurance portability by eliminating job-lock due to pre-existing medical conditions 
Enforce standards for health information
Reduce healthcare fraud and abuse
Guarantee security and privacy of health information 
The fourth objective has a significant impact on medical transcription.

Can the Internet be used for medical transcription and still meet HIPAA requirements?
Yes, transcribed documents must be sent back to the healthcare provider in a secure manner using encrypted email or a secure FTP site or may be faxed with a disclaimer statement explaining the confidential nature of the document.

What rights does the patient have under HIPAA?
HIPAA provides the patient with many new rights in relation to their healthcare documentation. Some of them are as follows:
Review his/her entire medical record
Request changes within documentation, which can be denied by physician for specific reasons
Request documentation of every time his or her PHI was accessed, along with identity of the individual accessing the document with specific reason for doing so

Does TNP provide dictation equipment? 
We provide each of our Customers with our dictation equipment of choice or free 1-800 number access.

How dictated and transcribed reports are made available? 
Registered TNP (The New Protocol Inc.) users can access their reports our secured web site.

What is TNP's average turn-around time?
TNP assures 12-24 hour turn-around time (24 * 7).

Is accessing my reports via TNP web secure?
Yes, accessing your reports via TNP website is totally secured. We use 128 bit encryption system while transmitting the data from our servers to you. Further, in order to maintain absolute confidentiality and security protection our transcriptionists are required to sign a confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement. 

How about pricing?
Our prices are approximately 30% less than what other vendors would charge. Please call us for detailed information at 516-777-2601 (x1000).

Do you keep a back-up for my dictations?
Yes! Your documents are saved at our servers for as long as you wish. This gives you and option to search for all your previous reports in our database, anytime in the future. Further, all the data in our servers our backed up in multiple locations to ensure data recovery.

Can I use my own letterhead and have the reports printed from the web? 
Yes, we would require your template in that case. You can use up to 4 different formats.



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